Monday, October 01, 2007

Back online

So I bought a new computer with Windows Vista pre-installed. Then I discovered Vista isn't compatible with most of the broadband services in the UK and I can't get online unless I use a wireless router. I don't want to use a wireless router because I live in a flat and the wireless system would broadcast all my data into neighbouring flats and even allow my neighbours to piggyback on my internet connection. So I have to use my old win98 computer to get online while keeping the Vista computer for offline creativity. Plus Vista doesn't run all of my favourite software and is a generally messed up operating system.

Also I installed Linux on a logical partition of the Vista machine but without an internet connection I can't install new Linux applications. I'm a bit of geek but I'm not a programmer.

Anyway, here are the new videos I've been making:

Dystopian Scans:

Depressingly posthuman sounds for no-one's ears

Prayer Wheels at Glastonbury:

Tibetan Prayer Wheels at The Ramala Centre, Dodd Lane, Chalice Hill, Glastonbury, Somerset, England. These prayer wheels are aligned on the ley line which runs over Chalice Hill and through the centre of the abbey ruins.

Duck and Cover (a found video object):

The original classic brainwashing film from the Cold War era - now in the public domain thanks to The Prelinger Archive. When did the government stop lying to you?

Painting G:

Images and Music composed by Peter-David Smith

Human Figure:

One of various obtained by exploring the possible interfaces between the current digital video technology and the more long established arts of drawing and painting.

Cosmic Egg Journey:

Audio-Video art by Peter-David Smith. The video largely made with Vdub, MSU Cartooniser, Debugmode Wax, Winmorph and Frameserver. The soundtrack made with Hammerhead, VSThost and Audacity. Out-of-tune singing by P-D S.

Self Portrait:

I play guitar (badly), I draw, I paint, I make videos. This one combines the distressed guitar playing with abstracted images of self.

Cheery bye for now.

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