Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shattered Beliefs - Choreography-A

Ever since childhood I loved philosophy, religion and speculation about the nature of the universe and our place in it. I have also loved speculative fiction and the visual arts. Comic books have a special place in my heart. A large percentage of them are dreadful, horrible things full of ghastly super-creatures fighting each other for very little reason but the artform itself is excellent, combining visual language with the written word and making your brain read both simultaneously while bringing images from myth and legend into juxtaposition with modernity.
Another artform I love is dance. Here in Britain, back in the 1990s, there used to be dance TV programmes on Channel Four. New, exciting choreographies were presented set to music by interesting composers such as Phillip Glass. Sadly Channel Four doesn't do so much of that kind of programming any more. They've also reduced their output of short films and animations, though I suppose online sharing does the job now.
My religious and philosophical beliefs have been through many changes over the years, including several years of being brainwashed in a cult before getting back on track with my life. Not all of my beliefs got shattered but plenty did.
This video was made with the "HIM" figure created by Sixus. The choreography was made in Avimator and Qavimator and a text editor. The scenes were shot in Daz Studio against a green screen and then chromakeyed to the background in Debugmode Wax. The backgrounds were made in Bryce, Iclone, and Google Sketchup. Particle Illusion was used for energy effects. The music was composed in VSThost and Audacity and the main VST plugins used were "Super Riff Guitar", "DSK Brass" and "DVS Saxophone".

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