Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Doctor Who Plot

This is an adventure of the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith. I'm writing this in May 2009 and Matt Smith won't be taking over the role from David Tennant until next year. So here's my chance to write something truly anachronistic.

The story begins:

The Doctor is just getting used to his new form when something seems to explode in his brain. Images, thoughts, names, words, all manner of neural activity causes the doctor to stagger and reel around the Tardis control room and then fall flat on the floor. We see glimpses of swirling visions and faces which are appearing in the Doctor's mind.

Roll opening credits.

The fit subsides and the doctor's companions, Wayne and Sharon, help him to his feet.

'Who are you?' asks the Doctor.

'Don't you know us Doctor?' replies Wayne.

'It's Sharon, Doctor,' says Sharon, 'You know us. Sharon and Wayne, Wayne and Sharon? We travel with you.'

'Oh gods, kill me now,' mutters the Doctor, under his breath.

The Doctor begins checking readings in the Tardis control room and then finds a timelord medical kit and begins checking his pulses and physical responses.

Eventually he announces, 'Something is very wrong indeed. I need you both to stay out of my way while I find out what's going on.'

'What are you going to do, Doctor?' asks Wayne.

'I need to perform a timelord meditation ritual' relies the Doctor.

He presses a button and a couch appears out of the Tardis floor. He lays back on the couch and places a metallic band around his head. He closes his eyes and goes into a deep meditational state.

We now see things from the Doctor's viewpoint. He is surround by white and grey mists which slowly clear to reveal a landscape with a path, unpaved and looking as though only ever trod by the occasional traveller on foot. The Doctor looks around and then begins to climb the path as it winds its way up a gentle slope.

Along his journey the Doctor meets a succession of interesting characters who look strangely familiar. They played by: Geoffrey Bayldon, Sam Troughton, Sean Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. They all represent aspects of the Doctor's own mind.

After initially being in conflict with these elements of his own self the Doctor learns to work in harmony with all of them to open a locked gateway to discover beyond it a courtyard where he must release some hidden secret within himself.

When success is achieved the container of the secret bursts open and from it come thousands of humanoid forms who congregate on a hillside in the Doctor's mindscape. The Doctor awakens from his meditation and the thousands of figures begin to come forth from his head and materialise in the real world. They form an increasing throng with the Tardis, spilling over from the control room and into the adjoining corridors. The throng of people are talking happily and excitedly to each other like old friends at a party. The Doctor's companions are totally confused until the Doctor explains it all to them. These are the Doctor own people, the Timelords. When the Planet Gallifrey was about to be destroyed by the Daleks the Timelords devised a way to survive.

They had always had the ability to regenerate by switching to an alternative quantum potentiality of their own existance but on this occasion they they had invented a way to convert their entire species into a quantum potential state and encode their lives into storage inside the Doctor's soul and then erase his memory of the plan. Thus the Timelords were safely hidden from the Daleks while the Doctor was left believing himself to be the only living Timelord. Now he is permitted to remember the plan and, with great joy, he greets the resurrected Timelords. They are back. The Timelords are back! Returned from a mere potentiality to full corporeal existance. A great deal of laughing and cheering, backslapping and conga-dancing ensues. Then they all travel on in the Tardis to find a new home planet where the Timelords can recreate their civilisation.

Roll closing credits (and replace the orchestra music with the Radiophonic workshop version).

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