Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chapter Ten: How I Came To Be A Pilgrim

At 15 I was on an orienteering exercise organised by the Air Training Corps. We had to find our way by maps and compasses along the Pilgrim's Way near Guildford and Dorking in Surrey.
The day chosen for the exercise was one of the rainiest days I've ever seen. The sky was the colour of battleships in anger and the trackway was a mudslide throughout the whole journey. The gods threw lightning bolts and giant buckets of slop at us and we slid down gullies and squelched up slippery slopes.

This is the opening paragraph of the latest chapter, Chapter Ten, from my book 'How I Came To Be' which I'm publishing online under a Creative Commons 3.0 licence. Each new chapter will be posted as a blog so you can read it as I'm writing it.

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