Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Drivers

In my job as council road sweeper I'm on the streets everyday and crossing the road with a council sweeping barrow so I get to see the behaviour of motorists day in, day out. I also cycle to and from work so I get a pretty clear idea of motorist's behaviour there too.
There seems to be a clear deterioration in the attitude towards the highway code and obeying the rules of the road.
Every day I see drivers unable to stop at red traffic lights. It seems to be caused by a combination of driving too fast and an unwillingness to take the traffic light seriously. Every day I see motorists stopping in a position where they are parked across the pedestrian crossing, blocking the way to anyone who wanted to cross with a baby carriage or a wheelbarrow, sweeping barrow etc. Also blocking the way to wheelchairs and people with walking sticks. The only pedestrians who can still get across the road when the crossing is blocked in this way by a car would be the young and fit who can walk around the offending vehicle.
Sometimes the driver has braked so late that they are actually beyond the pedestrian crossing and halfway past the traffic light itself.
There also seems to be an increase in the number of drivers who either fail to signal a turn when turning or who do signal a turn when not turning.
Every day as I cycle home from work there are motorists who block cyclists by driving too close to the kerb for the cyclist to get past them in the jam. There are motorists who stop at red traffic lights by pulling in tight to the kerb as though parking there. This latter offence is either absent-mindedness or a deliberate attempt to stop cyclists getting to the green bit reserved for bicycles at the front.
I've never driven a car in my life. I've never had any driving lessons and never wanted any. Ever since I was a young lad I've been aware of the pollution and planetary destruction caused by motorists. Now, as an old man I'm doing the most environmentally friendly job I could find and getting to it by the most environmentally sustainable method available and it feels like a real war against the idiot motorists. Grumpy old man? I think I've been a grumpy old man for 50 years and I'm beginning to get really good at it.

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