Thursday, May 20, 2010

2006 Cibelle and Devendra sing 'London London' - 2008 Jean Charles de Menezes tries for the world record number of bullets in his skull.

Dreams and Nightmares. Weird connections. The nature of reality. Lies and truth. Propaganda and candyfloss.

London Inquest Finally in Jean Charles de Menezes Murder by Britain police who shot the man 10 times in the back of his head,lied about cameras being broken ,claimed he had a big jacket with wires sticking out ,when the video was released after watch dogs confronted police the video showed he had on a light jacket and a special hit team stocked him for 30 minutes and shot him 10 times in cold murder on a crowded train, then tried their best to cover it up ,the inquire will last about 12 weeks ,it is said to be a false flag to scare the population by assassinating him in front of a crowd of commuters.

Cibelle sings 'London London'.

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