Saturday, May 22, 2010

Five Science Fiction Stories which Should Be Adapted for Television

We need to see better quality science fiction on the small screen. when I sat down to think of the science fiction stories which would work best on TV I realised that a theme of various types of weird war is most suited to the medium. Here are my suggestions:

1) H.G. Wells 'War of the Worlds' has never been adapted for the screen. Oh no it hasn't! (Not properly, anyway). It is set in the southeast of England in or about 1898. It needs to be faithfully adapted from the book and should probably be done by BBC Classics department.

2) 'World War' by Harry Turtledove. The first trilogy and then the second one 'Colonization' and the final book 'Homeward Bound'. These should be brought to television by an international collaboration between HBO, the BBC, CBC Canada, Deutsche Welle and other TV companies working together with the Sci-Fi (now ridiculously known as SyFy) Channel.

3) The Adventures of Jerry Cornelius. Michael Moorcock's reality warping rogue in new adventures or old ones.

4) Fritz Leiber's 'Change War' series. The original war throughout the timelanes idea.

5) Something based on the world of 'Mozart in Mirrorshades' by Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner. This is only a short story but has the potential to be the basis of a series.

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  1. I was thinkin of The War of The Worlds just these days, I downloaded it from The Project Gutenberg because I wanted to read it again but it's a little too uncomfy to sit down in front of a screen for hours. Guess I'll borrow it from the library.