Saturday, May 29, 2010

Worlds_Of_Tomorrow_Volume_1_Number_3_ (1963)

Worlds of Tomorrow, Volume 1 Number 3, August of 1963. Published by The Galaxy Publishing Corporation, 421 Hudson Street, New York 14, New York. Written by Wilson Tucker. Dimensions are 5 1/2" width by 7" Height and 119grams, 134 pages. Copyright was issued in 1963, but no renewal was recorded, this work is Public Domain under Rule 6 of the Copyright Statutes of the United States. The stories by Philip K. Dick 'All We Marsmen' and Brian W. Aldiss 'The Impossible Star', were removed from the etext since their copyrights were renewed in a timely fashion and still are under copyright protection. Since pulps are almost impossible to find in libraries, these stories will not be exposed to the general public. If in the future permission can be gotten to include them, they will be added. Etext created by Gerard Arthus. The front cover is incomplete, another copy was inserted; if someone has the images for the front cover, I will insert them.

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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