Saturday, June 05, 2010

BBC trying to steal my ideas again (deranged paranoid outburst time)

The BBC have been spying on me again. In October 2006 I released this video of a planet moving rapidly across space, so fast that the stars are a blur in the background:

Then, about a week later, I released this one where the moving planet has become a robotic goldfish bowl, revealed at the end to contain a goldfish bowl in which we see the distorted face of the Mona Lisa and hear the voice of a child:

Eight and a half months later on the 30th June 2007 the BBC came up with this image of a flying cyborg thingy, which was revealed at the end to contain a human child:

In October 2007 I released this pain-inducing ear-shattering piece about bees:

On the 28th of June 2008 the BBC thought of moving a planet rapidly across space, so fast that the stars are a blur in the background (sound familiar?):

They even manage to work in a bit about bees.

Now they're at it again!

For the past few weeks I've had an unpublished chapter of my online novel "How I Came to Be" sitting on the Blogger server while I tweaked the final details and added to it. The title was "Chapter Fifteen: How I Came to Be the Centre of the Last Great Witchcraft Trial in England". Earlier this week I decided to split the very long chapter into two and I published the first half as "Chapter Fifteen: How I was Saved from Whatever Policemen Do in Toilets." The chapter relating to the last great witchcraft trial at Wallington Magistrates Court in 1972 will now be Chapter 16. In the meantime the bloomin' BBC have slipped in with an afternoon play on Radio Four and they called it: "The Last Witch Trial" by Melissa Murray. Bastards!!! When will they stop spying on me and nicking my ideas? Bastards!!!

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