Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Popskaft album

The Apskaft group has a new compilation album out. This album arose from a request by Greg Healey at Dandelion Radio for Apskaft members to contribute tracks to an Apskaft radio programme. Each track needed to be 3 minutes long (or near as dammit) and have something to do with "pop". The result is this free album, "Popskaft":

Apskaft Presents: Popskaft

Apskaft Presents: Popskaft



1 Project Bluebird - Black Sesame free download

2 Vanny Zero - Shit City free download

3 S C H M O E - In An Uncertain Situation free download

4 Res Band - She Looks Like... free download

5 Stalemar - Don't you want to be POP? free download

6 Hox Vox - The Wanderer free download

7 Speculativism - 3three3 Minutes free download

8 Bette Dillinger - Pop Goes The Weasel free download

9 Pariton - Plast free download

10 Bleak on Saturday - POP free download

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