Monday, September 27, 2010

Experiments with an Analogue Camcorder

Some 1990s camcorders were able to capture silhouetted after-images of objects and super-impose those silhouettes upon the video being recorded. This created the possibility of an abstract print effect combined with motion video. I've recently acquired the equipment necessary to access old tapes I made in the 1990s. This one is a series of experiments I was doing to learn about the relationship between video and painting, video and printmaking, etc. These have been obsessions of mine for lots of years now. There's also fun with scanline interference patterns and other stuff which happens when you point a camcorder at a monitor. The soundtrack is actually the sound of the camera itself and other background noises which I've amplified.

BTW: I wouldn't advise listening to the soundtrack on headphones turned up high. The sound is loud and occasionally jumps up even louder. Also, if you're an epileptic, beware of the extreme flickering images.

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