Sunday, March 20, 2011

Experiments in the Vicinity of Music, etc.

The new album is:

Experiments in the Vicinity of Music by Speculativism



1 Scarborough Fair free download Loved track

2 Bad Music free download Loved track

3 Binaural Beast free download Loved track

4 Strange News from Another Star free download Loved track

5 The House of the Rising Sun free download Loved track

6 Carbon in the Soul free download Loved track

Meanwhile I've also added more tracks to the "My Subversions" album:

Speculativism » My Subversions

My Subversions by Speculativism



1 A Distorting Mirror free download

2 Ipecacuana free download

3 The Long, Arduous Trek Through the Mad Hatters Tea Party free download

4 The Superman free download

5 While My Guitar Gently Soils Itself free download

6 You're Not Coming In with THOSE Antiquated Implants! free download

7 Flange Sprocket free download

8 Vincent Starts on His Ear free download

9 Feet Down free download

10 My Version of Rear Window free download

11 Evil Twin with Bad Homburg free download

12 8 at the Crossroads free download

13 The Jazz Ghost in the Jazz Machine free download

14 Future Poem (text) free download

15 The Demonic Conspiracy Theory Movie free download

16 Something To Be Thankful For free download

17 Catching the Truth free download

18 Jeremy Bentham's Mobile Cell free download

19 The Lure of The Unexpected Life free download

20 Sub Stratum free download

21 Fade Out free download

22 Something to be Thankful For (movie version) free download


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    You are most obviously nuts -- I love it. Thanks for reading the H.G.Wells story about miracles. Looking forward to haunting all this other stuff. If interested, please drop a biscuit in my tea at:
    Obviously, I'm Amanda Greenleaf-Whelan and when I'm not scraping mold of the the cat, I write poetry of a sort. Thanks again, it was lovely listening...

  2. Amanda, I had a look at your wordpress site but it seems to be impossible to leave a comment there without first signing up for wordpress. Thanks for listening to my recordings though.