Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comic Book Art

I grew up reading and collecting comics. One of the favourite comics in my collection was Space Mysteries #9 which was published in 1964 (when I was 11) and reprinted the entire issue from Planet Comics #73 (originally published in 1953 by Fiction House). Here are some pages. Click the image to see a larger version and then use magnify to read. I loved the Bill Benulis artwork on this 1953 story of an electronic brain gone mad: "Cerebex":
And the artwork here (by Jack Able) perfectly compliments the spooky story. I loved this story so much when I was eleven!
I can post these because the're old and in public domain. I'd like to post the pages from the first comic book to ever make me cry tears. Unfortunately I can't post all of it because it's from a 1980s Marvel Comic and is still in copyright. Nevertheless, under the rules of Fair Use here's one page from New Mutants #045 - Novenber 1986 The first comic to ever make me cry. The story is about a mutant artist who makes sculptures of pure light.
Comics. A potentially serious artform shackled to a funny name.

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