Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Raw Footage: Road Sweeping and Litter Picking 2 - Lunchbreak at Miller's Crossing

As a road sweeper I had to be out in all weathers, rain, snow, ice, blazing sunshine, etc. all the year round. I had a one hour, unpaid, lunch break and I had to find somewhere to sit and eat my lunch while keeping an eye on the sweeping barrow. Sometimes, if it wasn't raining, I would sit by Miller's Crossing and Blackaller Weir. The key thing for lunch was to know somewhere on the route where I would be less bothered by members of the public than usual. Members of the public are always bothering road sweepers with stupid questions and comments ("You're doing a good job there, boy" - etc., or "How do I get to the concert hall?" and so on....) ["You have to practice"]

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