Sunday, March 10, 2013


I've always hated sport. Sport is designed in such a way as to prevent creativity or freedom. In sport the slightest step outside the rules is an automatic fail. Thus sport trains the mind to stay within arbitrary limitations. Anything interesting or creative such as having a different shape ball or a different number of goalposts is automatically disqualified. Thus sport stifles imagination and freedom. Also, sport is arranged so that there will always be more losers than winners, which trains the mind to accept defeat as standard.

Sport forbids any subversion of the medium itself.

All the greatest artists subvert the medium in which they work. If you hope to succeed in art of any description you've got to know that the subversion of the medium in which you're working is the right way to do it.

Picasso subverts 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art. Samuel Beckett subverts theatre. James Joyce subverts prose. Stewart Lee subverts comedy. Alan Moore subverts comics. Charlie Brooker subverts television. David Bowie subverts rock music. The key is DO IT - BUT DECONSTRUCT IT AT THE SAME TIME. Know what it is and know what it's not - and go THERE. Don't play for the team. Play for the space between the teams. They have no eyes in teams. Hence no self awareness.

If they ever adopt subversive deconstructionism in sport I might begin to take an interest. Then we might get the choreography of the inherently alien. I'd like to see themed sports such as a football match based around the philosophy of John Stuart Mill. But, as long as sport continues to train the mind into banality, I'll prefer the more transgressive forms.

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