Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The world situation, my life.

Well, thanks to the Russians we seem to be avoiding another war. Obama Care is (thank goodness) going ahead in spite of the childish tantrums of the Republicans and the American debts to the People's Republic of China are seemingly about to go into default. Greece has rounded up the ringleaders of its neo-Nazi group "Golden Dawn". What a strange place the world is. I used to be the only road sweeper in Exeter who had a university degree and then I couldn't get the road sweeping work any more. I had the feeling of being on the scrapheap. Too old to get road sweeping work in spite of a good education. Now I've been unemployed for three and a half years and George Osborne is planning to punish us long term unemployed by making us work for our benefit. The proposed punishment: picking up litter! Such irony to treat an old man as if he were an offender just because he can no longer get work picking up litter and then to suggest that the punishment should be: picking up litter! It's hilarious! I think really it's just a loophole to make people like me do the same work we wanted to do anyway but reduced to less than minimum wage.

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