Monday, May 18, 2009

My Version of a Zombie Movie

This movie idea begins with our main character Detective John McClane played by Bruce Willis. We meet John McClane and learn that he is a dedicated New York City policeman ready to protect and serve his city no matter what the circumstances.

Then we learn that New York is about to be attacked by an army of zombies. Not the old, friendly, zombies from gothic literature and afro-carribean mythology. No, these are the George A. Romero type of zombies. They move slowly and want to eat your flesh.

Detective John McClane springs into action to protect his city. He devises a plan which involves jumping from the roof of a tall building onto a passing helicopter and then using a machine gun to strafe a docked cargo ship. Sadly none of this has any effect on the zombies and, in fact it leads to Detective John McClane accidently killing himself in a blaze of, um, glory.

Luckily for New York City, Detective John McClane's body returns to life on the morgue slab and he straps on his guns and ammo (and other magazines he might want to read on the way) and walks out onto the street where he adopts a classic hero pose.

As the zombie hordes cross the bridge onto Manhattan Island they find the city is defended by their worst nightmare: A zombie with a badge!

The name of this movie is 'Dead Hard'.

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