Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning Vietworld!

It's just gone half past seven and the sky over the southwest of England is slightly gray, slightly overcast and the air is cool. Thank goodness! I've still got the damned headache though.

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  1. A very funny thing has just happened to me. I had just entered the CLLCT chatroom when this guy started making jokes about Italians like 'blame Mario' 'eat my pizza' and stuff. It was all very funny because the guys on CLLCT don't have the slightest idea I'm Italian, they actually think I'm a Brit, so when the chatroom crashed and I had to refresh the page, someone said 'maybe he has ITALIAN HERITAGE and he was offended' to which I later replied that the chatroom had simply stopped working and I hadn't left on purpose. But anyway, this was kinda amusing. Think one day I'll tell'em the truth out of the blue and leave 'em astonished. Or maybe not. Its funnier this way.