Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Funny Story About Thin Wrists

Back in the 1990s, when I was a hunt saboteur, we used to go across Dartmoor early on Saturday mornings checking on fox hunters and hare hunters with a view to saving the lives of the animals in question. Sometimes we would be met by violent assaults from hunt supporters or other times just by threats.
On one occasion, when I had a walkie-talkie in my right hand, a hunt supporter walked quickly up to me and grabbed both my wrists in his hands. He had his hands around my wrists as if to hold me there and he was laughing, looking around to the left and right in the hope that other people would come and see what a 'clever' thing he had done. He said, 'Arrr, thees can't go now! Can 'ee? Aha! I've got 'ee now! Thees can't do nothin' about that can 'ee? ha-harr!' etc. etc.

What he had failed to realise, which seemed so plainly obvious to me, was that in his attempt to immobilise me he had, in fact, also immobilsed himself. He couldn't go anywhere either. As long as he continued standing there and holding my wrists he was making himself a prisoner too.

As a Zen Buddhist I immediately saw the irony of the fact that my simplest means of escape was to do nothing, nothing at all, and merely wait until the hunt supporter got tired of his own 'cleverness'.

Anyhoo, here's a computer manipulated version of the hand drawing mirrored to create the image of the two hands waiting to be clamped.

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