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Trick 17

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Trick 17 is used informally as a description of an approach to problems. On the one hand, refers to solutions that are original or unusual. Such a solution can be called only if successful trick 17 because 17 is always a trick, and now has to work at first. On the other hand, with Trick 17 but such approaches described, which are obvious and are obvious. The ironic twist "trick 17 with self-circumvention" means, however, as a derisive comment (most supposedly sophisticated) approach, which fails on more or less comical way.
Also, the DEFA feature film animation 17b [1] referred to this phrase.
The phrase should be, according to Heinz Küpper, "Illustrated Dictionary of German slang" (1984), after 1950 has become familiar. Their origin is, according to Gerhard Mueller, director of language consultancy in the German Language Society , still not entirely clear.
There are various speculations about the origin of the phrase.
In the paperback, "Do fish thirst?" The author says, citing a linguist of the "Society for the German language" that the word on the card game whist going back, in which a stitch is called trick with his English term. [2] as explain the special significance of the "Trick 17" is mentioned at whist, the maximum number of stitches in this card game is 17th
Sometimes the origin of the term trick 17 is also associated with the fictional magician Carlos Luminoso in combination. After that, the cartoon artists have left a book full of magic tricks, which lacked the last few pages that his trick was number seventeen. This derivation is fictitious. [3]
In Switzerland they used to trick the very similar expression 77, (kolmonen kikka) Trick 3 in Finland and in France it is called Système D . [4]

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Système D

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The Système D [ sistɛmde ] is a French term that the Germans Trick 17 is very similar. It describes the avoidance of problems in an unconventional way.
The D in Système D is supposedly for the term débrouiller (manage double unravel cope, also similar to the German predicament ) which in the vernacular (by beating French to take literally out of the shit) with se démerder circumscribed, and - casually said - how much is out of the affair and move loop.
A different opinion to the Système D in D is more likely for the descriptor en, in this instance by or / which means:
  • système d'exploitation (operating system)
  • système d'alimentation (the power supply system)
  • système d'éducation (the education system)
The Système D in this context is a kind of adapter, depending on the problem situation, the specific institution (such as problems with the power company = alimentation, etc.) can be added ( rhetorically seen).
When Système D is sometimes hard sometimes on the edge of illegitimate trade.

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