Monday, March 11, 2013

Doctor Bloody Who

Sick and tired of what the BBC have made out of Doctor Who? I am! I grew up watching Doctor Who in the 1960s. It was an excellent children's programme which also began to have some appeal to grown ups. I watched that show from Episode 1 in 1963 onwards. Doctor Who continued to be excellent throughout the time of the first three actors to play the role. Then I outgrew television and stopped watching somewhere around the time they gave the role to Tom Baker (who played the Doctor too clownishly for my tastes).

In the 1980s a work colleague encouraged me to look at some of the more recent episodes. I was less than impressed. Now, in the 21st Century they've made the whole thing very silly indeed. They're not even doing science fiction any more. They're doing a pastiche of sciencey fictiony tropes wrapped up in a family style romp through derivative adventure yarns.

If you want to see some REALLY GOOD science fiction on TV these days you have to look at Charlie Brooker's "Black Mirror" Series 1 & 2 on Channel Four.

However, if you want to see something BRILLIANT which is based on characters from Doctor Who then look at Mechmaster's "Second Empire" here:

and, of course, the excellent BIG FINISH audio dramas continue to be vastly superior to the BBC TV version. Paul McGann will always be the definitive version of The Doctor because he incorporates elements of all previous regenerations into one. If only the BBC would use his audio adventures as the soundtrack for an animated series on BBC 3 or 4. It could go under the title of "Animated Classic Doctor Who" or something similar.

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