Thursday, October 31, 2013

William Burroughs - Secret Message

I turned on automatic captions for this video. The idea is that a computer algorithm listens to William Burroughs' words and generates the text below the video image. In this case the automatic text says: "well seals I'm not asking if I had the words of advice for you and me visual symbol admonitions he never remembers a run for and there are five or is this a lot of long hello israel's taste as a moral went into the job hillary rodham clinton's normal relations five oh and here is in writing status four and what she had not on the and have a vacuum advan exposed to someone's back do as there is a lost dog for a class mom aborted press political action committees are listening last year there were a van designed last year andrew and system seymour desert regards extra the ceremony home hello there slowly tuesdays and then there is also a state police say oregon land lauren progress yellow melvin everything there words and then they will do that homes in the face that throwing themselves at everyone of the night england villa louis venue miller toned romance for me danielle rivera said division in the media as above the moon's kit hedonism very warm transformed and everybody denise brown parallels there is last november and i'm sorry" Try it yourself. Start the video and click on "CC" in the bottom righthand corner of the screen to switch on automatic captions.

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