Monday, May 24, 2010

Today I had to delete two of the mixes I've made on because they contain tracks which were uploaded by people who didn't have the copyright to do so or who manipulated the metadata of the tracks in some way which is disallowed by the 8tracks contract. Annoying.

So my 'Dark Side of the Moon' mix is gone and so is the first of my two 'progressive music' collections. I don't mind this so much as the fact that I'm being reprimanded for including the tracks in a mix when I don't even know which tracks they were, just that they were somewhere in those two mixes. Unfair.

Anyway, the two mixes are now deleted. I wish 8tracks would go after the person who uploaded them or changed the metadata instead of me. I don't even have access to the bloody metadata, that access is restricted to the person who uploads the tracks.


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