Monday, June 21, 2010

The 2010 Arts Degree Show at Plymouth Uni.

I went to this year's degree show at my old alma mater and was pleased to see a very good quality exhibition. One development I'm glad to see happening is an increasing knowledge of the world's environmental problems. I'm glad to know eco-art is on the rise amongst the newly graduating artists.

I enjoyed the entire exhibition and here are some links to some the exhibiting artists who have an online presence:

One of my favourite artists from this year's show is Rosemary Gibbon, see her work at:

Another artist I liked a lot in the show is Matthew Gorman. His online portfolio is at:

I also liked the work of Isobel Taylor:, Emily Trott: who made these videos:

Empty Station by Emily Trott from Emily Trott on Vimeo.

dark corridor installation. voice over from Emily Trott on Vimeo.

And, while I was in Plymouth, I took a look at Jane Grant's "Leaving Earth" exhibition, which is a very effective use of a gallery space to create a feeling of strange otherness and which reminded me of being 16 years old and watching the first moon landing in 1969:

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