Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yoko Ono: Endangered Species (2319-2322)

Yoko Ono continues to make beautiful work. People have often questioned whether art can engage directly with the task of challenging world strife and changing the world for the better. Yoko continues to prove art can turn thoughts toward peace.

I love the poem "HELL IN PARADISE".

Bonded bronze, butterfly, plaster, etc.
Installation of 12 sets of pieces.

Endangered Species is a discovery of the imagined lives of the members of a family forever frozen in time.

The four bodies from 50BP (50 yrs before PEACE is established) will be unearthed around 100AP (100 yrs after peace is established) with their frozen dreams and memories on D Continent.

by Yoko Ono

This is Hell in Paradise
We're all asleep or paralyzed.
Why are we scared to verbalize
Our multicolored dreams?

When will we come to realize
We're all stoned or pacified
While the boogie men organize
Their multilevel schemes?

Underqualified for love
Overqualified for life
Sticking our heads in slime
Thinking we're in our prime.

Mesmerized by mythology
Hypnotized by ideology
Antagonized by reality
Vandalized by insanity
Desensitized by fraternity
Sanitized by policy
Jeopardized by lunacy.

Penalized by apathy
And living in the world of fantasy.
Dancing on hot coal
Waiting for the last call
It's Adam's ball Eve's call.

Wake up
Shake up
Check out
Work out
Speak out
Reach out
It's time to time to
Time to to to to to to to to to to to to...

This is Hell in Paradise
None of us wish to recognize.
But do we want them to materialize
An endangered species?

Exorcise institution
Exercise intuition
Mobilize transition
With inspiration for life.

* * * * * * * * *

Photo courtesy of Kirishima Open-Air Museum
Uploaded by Yoko Ono official on 22 May 10, 12.03PM PDT.