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PoMo Pomo poMo

There are 4 futures which transpire upon the passing of Modernism:

The New Age. Peace and Love. Scented Candles. Mandalas. We limit our dependence on technology and turn instead to developing the better aspects of our humanity.

The Environmental Catastrophe. Death, Confusion, return to medieval or stone age conditions with fragments of broken technology. Technology fails us. 

The Techno Utopia. Machines do all the work. Humans enjoy leisure and art. Technology liberates us.

The Techno Dystopia. Giant multinational corporations use us and throw us away on the scrapheap. Technology enslaves us.

All the futures are true.


  1. Seems like Chinese people and I enjoy your blog.

  2. Don't forget ME! I enjoy my blog too. I also get comments by email now and then, mostly from Alby Stone, a guy I know in London.
    I have no way of knowing what the actual number of readers is because there are different ways to subscribe. The numbers are very few though, that's for sure.


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