Friday, July 09, 2010


I'm an enormous fan of Frank Key's 'Hooting Yard on the Air' programme from Resonance FM radio station in London. I don't live in London but I subscribe to the podcast. I love the Hooting Yard characters the way I love Heath Robinson, Lewis Carroll, Garrison Keillor's 'News from Lake Wobegon', Walter Mitty, Billy Liar, The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, John Lennon's books 'In His Own Write' and 'A Spaniard in the Works', Max Ernst, The Goons, Ronald Searle, Charles Addams, Woody Allen, Mervyn Peake, Hans Bok, C.S. Lewis and all creators of their own logic and their own universe of unusual characters.

In the recent Hooting Yard episode, 'A Duck In A Pond', Mr. Key is 'minded to conduct enquiries into Dr Henry Hall Sherwood of New York, a man with “controversial electromagnetic theories” who “would become known for his ’savage rotary magnetic machine’ which he claimed could cure all manner of diseases from rheumatism to herpes and tuberculosis”.' and, along the way, mentions that the theme music for the Hooting Yard podcast is 'Caucasian Lullaby' by Slapp Happy and Henry Cow. I'd been wondering from where the strikingly unusual sound might have been sourced. Now that I know I was able to find the YouTube video for the track and also the entire album on

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