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"Dada" by Hox Vox

I love Hox Vox's new EP "Dada", have a listen:

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Dada EP



1 Hugo Ball free download

2 Tristan Tzara free download

3 Hans Arp free download

4 George Grosz free download

About this album

Hox Vox 4 tracks (21:18)
This EP includes first 4 tracks from forthcoming new record Dada, a concept album about Dadaism art movement seen through famous Dadaists’ points of view. Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara are two electronic ballads, winding between kraut rock and trip-hop. Hans Arp is a tragic cabaret piece with a war scenario on the background, George Grosz is quite Motown meet Stockhausen.

You can listen/download it also from: JAMENDO or BANDCAMP

All the images / videos / music in Hox Vox project are made by Gianluca Missero (Hox), and released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License,

so they are free to download, listen and share.

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