Monday, September 03, 2012

The Christians have Created a Fake Version of My Blog!!!!

I've just discovered that if you mistype the the URL of this blog you can go to instead of is an armageddon bible prophecy site.

I'm so proud! Some Christians have deemed my blog worthy of being used to misdirect people to their furshlugginer monotheism!

Well, no, actually that WAS my first thought but then I figured out that the same thing happens with ALL the sites which end in - if you accidentally type blogPOT you get the weirdo armageddon fanatic thing.

Good wishes and love and peace to all members of Christianity who are not weirdo fanatics. Good for you!

Anyhoo, this discovery has prompted me to serve the gods by re-stating the case for quasi-polytheistic cosmology in opposition to all the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Monotheistic-Abrahamic religions which contain that stupid story about Abraham being willing to kill his own son. That story is the heart and soul of fanaticism, teaching Christians, Jews and Muslims that they need to be ready to do any-bloody-thing their Jehovah-Alla-Jesus god tells them to do, even if it means murdering their own son. That story is root cause of fanatical behavior by members of those Abrahamic religions. As a result of that story we have martyrdom, crusades, jehads, inquisitions, ethnic cleansings, pogroms, suicide bombers, the wall of Palistine-Israel etc. etc.

 Again, good wishes and love and peace to all members of Christianity, Judaism and Islam who are not weirdo fanatics. Once again, good for you!

However, the fact remains that the monotheist thing doesn't make sense and the Abraham story is totally nuts!

Now, clearly we live in a pluralistic universe. A multiplicity of forms and purposes. The plague virus has a different agenda than the human race and earthquakes, volcanoes, supernovas, uranium atoms and so on and so forth are obviously not all on the same page as each other. A universe like this where so many different lifeforms and environments are in eternal conflict with each other could not have been created by a single god unless that god had no clue what he, she or it was doing. If we imagine that the world was created by a god or gods of conflict then there would be no explanation for our desire to find peace and harmony. We would need to postulate gods of peace and love alongside of the gods of conflict and hate. Either way there is clearly no one single agenda in place for the universe. Multiple forms with multiple agendas are the essential nature of things. Therefore we have three choices remaining. The universe was created by one of these three possibilities, either: (A) Multiple gods and goddesses, (B) Sheer random atheistic chance, or (C) some kind of incomprehensible paradox which combines the atheist and polytheist paradigms in a sort of Chan Buddhist synthesis with elements of Brahman and the Red King from Alice sleepwalking in soma/nectar/ambrosia hipswaying blinkered epiphany.

Or whatever.....   (Like, as if I would know how the universe works! How can anyone be so arrogant as to think they've got the real and true answer?)

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