Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Review of "Apskaft Presents- The Dark Side of the Monkey"

I felt I had to review this album even though I'm on it. We took a ridiculously famous rock album and monkeyed with it mercilessly. The result is a thing of beauty and a joy to the ears. Listen to this album on some kind of player which does crossfades, such as Rhythmbox on Linux or Winamp on Windoze. Play a game of "Let's count the genres being redefined". The album kicks off with Hold_the_Gun transforming "Breathe" into urban russian rap, which leads into Turbogrind Terrorizers' wild electronic dream sequence, followed by my shambolic destruction of "Time". The Wreck Up totally nails "The Great Gig in the Sky" dream guitar prog jamming in heaven with a funky brass marching band and then Hox Vox hits us with the heavy dub'n'twisted crazyness of "Money". Actually Hox is all over this album, making it happen and giving some of his finest work. Back to Russia again with the R.U.D.E. psycho-synth-delic version of "Any Colour You Like" and then Kyuzu takes us through lo-fi glitch electronica territory in "Ászándem" to emerge in a merry cheesy wonderland of children's song just in time for the Res Band to damage our brains with a prog punk take on "Brain Damage". Nick Blessing's fragile plaintive vocal for "Eclipse" brings the album to a close and I have that great feeling you get with all the best albums, in other words: "Blimey! I need to listen to all that again from the beginning!"   - Peter-David Smith December 2012

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