Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Speculativism Album - The Bok is Flowing - Uploaded Today - August the 22nd 2010

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The Bok is Flowing



1 Capering the Bok through Dangerous Terrain free download

2 Suture Like a Grin free download

3 Stars free download

4 Elvish Saucer Earthward Coming free download

5 The Minstrel John free download

6 Starlight free download

7 Monday Morning Rising (Michael Kristen's Song) free download

8 Chords, Dischords and Noises free download

9 Lizard Wizard free download

10 Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter Tart free download

11 Frustration Blues free download

12 Stardust free download

13 Rhapsodit free download

14 Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky free download

15 Drums of Coiled Power free download

16 Bohemian Jazz study free download

17 Stardoom free download

About this album

Speculativism 17 tracks (92:32)


  1. too bad that the `bok` means literally `shit` in turkish.

  2. I wouldn't say "too bad". The word has a lot of meanings.

    Bok means:

    "Goat" in Afrikaans, Frisian and Dutch (but also has a slang meaning of "keen" or "willing" in South African slang.)

    "Wife" in Khowar (Pakistan)

    "Shit" in Azerbaijani or Turkish

    "Hi" in Croatian and Serbian

    "Side", "Flank" or "Hip" in Czech, Bohemian, Slovak, Slovenian and Polish

    "Playpen" in Indonesian and Malay

    "Tower" in Lithuanian

    "Book" or "Beech" in Norwegian and Swedish

    "River" in Choctaw (North America)

    "Full" in Mbula (Papua New Guinea)

    "Luck" in Romani

    My favourite is that "Bok" is "Hip" in Bohemia!