Saturday, February 23, 2013

Being Natural

I've never advocated "being natural" as a goal in life but people sometimes talk to me on this subject. While I'm bemused about why the hell people would be talking to to someone as dedicatedly unsociable as me I'm also intrigued by the "being natural" concept. People ask me my opinion on how to be natural. Why the hell do they imagine I would know or care about "being natural"? Still, it has made me think about the issue and what I came up with was: Our digestive systems and the rest of our bodies haven't changed much since we were a proto-human ape so it would make sense that any human daft enough to want to be "natural" would need to live and eat like the other great apes: gorillas, orang-utans, chimps and bonobos. Therefore those foolish humans who wish to be so-called "natural" should live in the forest and eat mainly fruit plus leaves, nuts, tubers, root vegetables, fungi, insects and birds eggs. By coincidence that actually describes MY diet (all except for the insects).

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