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Get to Know the Writing of Alby Stone

I've known Alby Stone since the early 80s. I went to his wedding. I was introduced to him by Jim Kimmis, with whom I'd had a writing partnership at one time.

Alby is becoming so successful as a writer now that it's become a bit of kudos to know him. At first his books were non-fiction. Since the 80s Alby has been writing on subjects ranging from archaeology to myth, folklore to cosmology. More recently Alby has written fiction, including several novels.

Some of his earlier books are: "A Splendid Pillar - Images of the Axis Mundi in the Grail Romances", "The Bleeding Lance - Myth, Ritual & The Grail Legend", "Wyrd - Fate and Destiny in North European Paganism","Straight Track, Crooked Road - Leys, Spirit paths and Shamanism". Also these:

Ymir’s Flesh: North European Creation Mythologies
Published by Heart of Albion Press.
ISBN 978 1872 883 458. 1997, A5, 240 pages including index, full-page illustrations by David Taylor, paperback.

Explore Shamanism
Published by Explore Books, an imprint of Heart of Albion Press.
ISBN 978 1872 883 687. 2003.
demy 8vo (215 x 138 mm), 184 + x pages, 2 photographs; 17 line drawings, paperback

And now there's the fiction. Some of his newer books are:

The Hand of Fire
Five years after the events recounted in Secret Songs, historian Jim Glass is happy and contented. Then an old mistake is brought to light, an old enemy returns, and an older threat emerges. Meanwhile, Jim finds out much more about himself than he ever expected. Havensea may be sleepy on the surface but something dark and strange is bubbling away underneath it all. But what is it? How can Jim stop it? And what is the price he must pay?
The Hand of Fire is the final book in the Havensea trilogy.
Kindle Edition £3.18
Paperback £7.99

Secret Songs
Jim Glass is going back to Havensea in rather better shape than when he left and is looking forward to a long spell of peace and quiet. But trouble is stirring again and it isn’t long before his life is turned upside down – in more ways than one. The Havensea weirdness gets weirder, the dead refuse to keep quiet, and a new danger emerges to keep him occupied. Then the threat takes a murderous twist and Jim’s world is shattered.
Secret Songs is the second book in the Havensea trilogy.
Kindle Edition £3.18.
Paperback £7.99
The Forgotten Stars
A controversial book and a disastrous affair have made Jim Glass a public laughing-stock and a figure of hate. Now the disgraced historian wants to get away from his past and the ruins of his career. In a secluded community on Havensea, a little-known island in the Thames Estuary, he thinks he has found peace and quiet in which to lick his wounds and make a fresh start. But history just won’t leave him alone – and the island also seems to have plans for him. Pretty soon Jim finds himself in plenty of trouble and up to his neck in ancient mysteries and modern conspiracy, danger and weirdness. He learns that Havensea’s secrets are not only archaeological, and that some deaths are more permanent than others. Jim also finds out a great deal about himself, including just how far he is prepared to go to protect the things he cares about. Once again there’s a woman involved – but this time it’s different and more than Jim’s reputation is on the line.
 The Forgotten Stars is the first book in the Havensea trilogy.
Paperback £7.99.

More information on his website. Alby also hosts some short fiction there on his site (including some by me).

Alby Stone's website is at:

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Pete. Actually we first met in Glastonbury in 1973! You'd just discovered the Assembly Rooms and me, you and Jim settled there - soon to be joined by what seemed to be several hundred other people. Then we didn't meet again for several years.

    But I must point out that there's probably more kudos in knowing you than there is in knowing me!