Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Please Don't Vote UKIP

I can't believe that bloody UKIP are gaining more votes. This is very worrying. I mean they're idiots! We need the European Union. I know the EU has faults but abandoning Europe isn't the answer. I can only see three reasonable directions for us to go in: (1) We stay in the EU and push for major reforms to make the EU democratic and accountable or (2) We talk to some other disenchanted EU member countries and form our own, breakaway, European Union which will be democratic and accountable from the beginning. Little by little we would win over the remaining EU states and, in the end, it will have been a velvet revolution for Europe or (3) I suppose there's the EFTA. What would happen if we were in EFTA instead of EU? Most people I've spoken to in Britain don't seem to be aware that EFTA exists or what the issues are. The EFTA people claim that EFTA countries are richer than EU countries and the people richer within EFTA states. However, Iceland is an EFTA country and they don't seem to be doing too well, do they? It's a question of who to believe. And I mean, what's the alternative? UKIP would destroy us AND Europe by taking us back to the days when European disputes were settled by fighting wars.

We need Europe, one way or another. Please don't vote for UKIP.

A few years ago I spoke to some UKIP people who had a stall in Exeter High Street. I had a big row with them. The bloody idiots thought we should "keep the traditional British Pound". I had to break it to them, not so gently, that we can't keep the "traditional British Pound" because we got rid of that in 1971 when we decimalised it into a Euro-Pound with 100 pennies instead of 20 shillings. The bloody idiots are trying to lock the stable door after we've sold the horse for scrap. And the Euro-Pound with 100 pence makes much more sense than than the old 240 pence model. The Euro-Pound makes it easier to trade with other decimal based currencies such as Canada and the USA.

UKIP are just exploiting people's ignorance.

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